MR ROBOT- Vocal Global’s kids show


At our kids show we present MR. Robot (DavidX) and we take him on a trip around the world. Each time we travel to a different country we learn about the culture, the language of our destination and we play a song from that country's music style. Throughout the show the kids will be exposed to new conceptions of music making, beat boxing, imagination and creativity. They will learn about different cultures, countries, time periods and more- all through a musical journey! During the show the kids will be able to come on stage, participate and join the fun what always leads to a great jam-session! Mixing David's beat-boxing , sounds imitation of percussion, brass instruments, animals, trains, machines, robots and more with Noga's vocals, piano and long theatre back ground . Vocal Global will take the audience to an interactive, funny and unique journey full of surprises!

DavidX Beat-Box Workshop


David shares his unique vocal art that he has been practicing for the last 24 years. The participants will first go through breathing exercises that will allow them to start learning the basics of beat-boxing. They will learn different rhythms from the newest urban styles to ethnic traditional styles (depending on the group’s interest). David will teach the beat-box notation and by the end of the workshop the participants will apply what they learn in to a song. This workshop fits to everybody in all ages. For musicians who want to incorporate beat-box to their practice David also runs workshops that specialised on beat-box & instruments. David also teaches the art of looping, combing his beat box and multi instrumental skills.

Beat-Box workshop at a community centre in Tottenham, London

Beat-Box workshop at a community centre in Hackney, London

Beat-Box workshop at SOAS University for the L.Factor Awards 

Vocal Global’s Vocal Workshop


Vocal Global will teach the participant how to create a full band sound only with vocals. They will teach their repertoire and other songs from different cultures and divide the different vocal parts to the participants; some will vocalise the rhythm section, some will sing the melody, harmonies, brass section and the endless possibilities of sounds one can produce with the voice. Through the workshop the participants will go through vocal exercises, beat box and learn about different styles of music from around the world and of course will have lots of fun!

Vocal Trumpet !

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